I dedicate this work to my father,

Lawrence Lindsley,

my mother,

Catherine Jefferson - Lindsley

and my two brothers

Lawrence and Richard.

My beloved Husband, Timothy John Paul Frohlick, for his faithful support and encouragement.

I wish to thank my many friends who helped edit my work


Linda Becker, Lt. Col. Baltazar Soto of Georgia, Jean Brittain of Scotland,

Jerry Crouch of Alabama - REST IN PEACE good Friend!,

Dennis& Evelyn Essman, Judith Fein, Ph.D.,

Father Albert J. Hebert S. M., - REST IN PEACE good Friend!,

Kevin Hendryx, Carlyn Iuzzolino of New Mexico, Anne J. Kelly, Anthony Mascia of New Jersey, Linda Mitchell, Marcia Quinn Noren, Andrea Oefinger, John H. Penn,

Jim Riccard of Ohio - REST IN PEACE good Friend!,

Lillian Scher, Fred and Susan Tatler of Canada, François Thouvenin of Strasbourg, France, and last but certainly not least- George Wilkins of upper New York State.



The following acknowledgements are in ALPHABETICAL order.


Jean-Claude COLRAT - Mr. Colrat is a Medieval Historian of the highest order and author of "Les Compagnons d'Armes de Jehanne la Pucelle et du siège d' Orléans tome 1-2-3." Published by Le Briquet, 2, Cloître Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier, 45000 Orléans, France. - July 1992. ("The Companions in Arms of Joan, the Maid at the siege of Orleans, volumes 1, 2, and 3"). His expertise is in heraldry and costumes of not only Medieval France but also of succeeding centuries down to and including the Napoleonic era.

Mr. Colrat has been most generous and gracious with his time and talents. His scholarly assistance was invaluable to me for without it I would not have been able to create the accurate heraldic crests of the nobility who were a part of Joan's story. His contribution brought vibrant color and a deeper sense of authenticity to my historical novel.

In addition, Mr. Colrat allowed me the use of his collection of postcards from the City of Orleans' 1929 Jeanne Festival.

If you would like to see the Coat of Arms and Crests that Mr. COLRAT has created please go to his web site at:


Carlyn Voss Iuzzolino - Mrs. Iuzzolino is my CLOSEST friend. Where would I be without her love and assistance? Carlyn designed and maintains my Saint Joan of Arc Center web site. In addition Mrs. Iuzzolino has joined me in my life long quest to write my historical novel, JEANNE! GOD'S HOLY WARRIOR. For ten years, Carlyn has worked with me to edit and reedit my novel more times than either of us cares to remember, in order to bring it up to the high literary standard that it now possesses. What I have accomplished in bringing my love and knowledge of St. Joan to the public would NEVER have come to life if it were not for my dear friend's tireless efforts on behalf of myself and my work.


Mr. François JANVIER - is Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication as well as Conservateur des Antiquités et Objets díart du département des Vosges et Meuse. The Meuse and Vosges Departments of France, are the areas around Domremy and Vaucouleurs.

My friend Francois has been very generous and gracious in allowing me to use his personal photographs of the St. Joan objects of art. Those who will view his photographs are indebted to him for his willingness to share with the world these often times hidden treasures.


Marcia Quinn Noren - After having a powerful and very personal encounter with St. Joan, Ms. Noren went in search for the real person behind the myths. Surfing the Internet, Marcia found my St. Joan web site and began communicating her great love for St. Joan with me. This was in May of 1997 and we quickly became bonded like sisters. Even though we are very different in our views of the world, it is our mutual LOVE for Saint Joan that has kept us together - pilgrims of exploration - as we try to find for ourselves the deeper meanings St. Joan has in and for each of our lives. Marcia has graciously shared her inner most feelings and thoughts with me as well as the numerous photographs that she took during her two trips to St. Joan's France. Over time our friendship has deepened and her love and support has become very important to me. THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS YOU, good friend.


Prof. Bonnie Wheeler - Medieval Studies Program of Southern Methodist University, for allowing me to use her translations of the original medieval documents without which this book would never have seen the light of day. Thank you, Prof. Wheeler for the following letter of recommendation:


I have known Virginia Frohlick for several years. It was a great privilege to visit her St. Joan of Arc Center. Virginiaís passion for Joan is unsurpassed. Not many scholars or citizens would be as generous in sharing their knowledge.

In 1999 I asked Mrs. Frohlick to join the Advisory Board of the International Joan of Arc Society (Societé Internationale Jeanne d'Arc) and she graciously accepted. I appreciate very much all her contributions to Societyís web site.

It is my great pleasure to allow Virginia Frohlick to use my translation of the original medieval documents within the body of her novel, Jeanne! Godís Holy Warrior. This book has a spectacular sense of imagery, a keen, complex insight into the mystical experience, an acute eye for exact historical accuracy. It is a very rich, fascinating, piercing account of Joanís life.

Congratulations on this very great achievement, Virginia, and very good luck. Your novel is a substantial piece of fine work.

Prof. Bonnie Wheeler

Medieval Studies Program

Southern Methodist University


My Heart Felt THANKS to these wonderful people and their organizations.

Marie-Véronique CLIN - who at the time was the Associate Director of the CENTRE JEANNE D'ARC of Orléans, France, was kind enough to give me permission to use of the maps that are in my CD.


Alain PRÉAUX - Owner/Director of the JEANNE D'ARC MUSÉE of Rouen, France, was kind enough to provide me with the images of his wax figures that depict Joan's life. In addition I thank him for allowing me to use the photos that I took in his Musée.

Grateful THANKS to my Scottish friend, Jean Brittain

Jean was brought up in Ballantrae next to the ruins of Ardstinchar, the castle said to be built by Joan of Arc's Scottish Captain, Hugh Kennedy. Previously a college lecturer and bookshop manager, she is now a features writer for magazines. Her research on Hugh Kennedy has been well-received by historical societies and a biography of his fascinating life is nearing completion.

"It was my privilege to share biographical information about Hugh Kennedy of Ardstinchar with Virginia Frohlick, and to provide a little extra guidance on some aspects of the lives of the loyal Scottish soldiers who fought for Joan of Arc. I wish Virginia all good things with her novel Jeanne! Godís Holy Warrior and look forward to it having a wide readership here in Scotland. Our Auld Alliance with France is still honored, and our soldiers' part in Joan of Arc's crusade is never forgotten."

Jean Brittain

Special THANKS go to the people who have allowed me use of their photos and art work.

["All images on this CD are copyrighted by their respective photographers and are used with permission by the St. Joan of Arc Center."]


The man who took the photos that I identify as "Friend of Saint Joan" please contact me so that I can correctly cite you as the photographer. THANK YOU.

Ms. Mary Lynn Akey of New Mexico

Mr. Ron Aksnowiz of Illinois

Mr. Henri BATAILLE, French Archeologist of Vaucouleurs, France

Mr. Andre Van Den BOGAERDE of Orléans, France.

Ms. Andrea Buser of Washington state

Mr. Dupree Charley of New Mexico

Mr. John Craven of Louisiana.

Mr. Theo Clarke of California

Mr. Joel Davis of New Mexico

Mr. Stefan Duncan of North Carolina

Mr. Meredith Evens of Bath, England

Mr. Timothy J. Frohlick of New Mexico

Mr. Patrick D. Gaston of Kansas

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Mary Hendryx of Texas

Mr. Philip Leahy of New Mexico

Mr. Ed Lofquist of Washington state

Mr. Maxim Lysak of Kyiv, Ukraine

Mr. Dominique MAGNIER of Lille, France

Mr. Michael O'Neill of Missouri

Ms. Deb Nickelson of New Jersey

"A Friend of Saint Joan" - A Catholic nun who lives in Illinois

Ms. Andre Oefinger of Connecticut

Mr. Dan Paulos of New Mexico

Mr. Russell Leslie Phillips of Safed, Israel.

Ms. Helene RABOT of Orléans, France

Ms. Karen Rhine of Illinois

Mr. Andy Rodgers of New York state

The Saint Joan of Arc Parish of South Park, Pennsylvania

Mr. Michael Smith of Perth, Australia

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Catherine Snidow of Texas.

Mr. Robin STIERKAT of Langenau, Germany

Mr. Fred and Mrs. Susan Tatler of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Ms. Mary Ann Thibodeau of New Mexico

Mr. David Trostle of Arizona

Mr. Pascal VERNY of Vitry-le-Francois, France

Mr. Johan L. VERRUE of Oudenaarde, Belgium

Mr. Daniel Worth of Sheffield, England


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