How Can Saint Joan Play a Role in Our Lives Today?

Joan praying

In my humble opinion I believe Saint Joan of Arc is even more important for us today than she has ever been since the time of her Canonization.

Saint Joan of Arc stands for TRUTH. To paraphrase Saint Paul, "She spoke the truth whether it was in season or out of season. In other words, whether the people liked what she said or not, she was always truthful.

Saint Joan of Arc stands for COURAGE. She had the courage of her convictions and was willing to stand by them no matter what it cost her, even her life....

Saint Joan of Arc stands for FAITHFULNESS AND LOYALTY.

Saint Joan of Arc stands for LOVE. Love was the underlying message of her life.

These virtues that I have spoken of are seriously lacking in our world today.

When the time of persecution comes, will we be able to speak the TRUTH and have the COURAGE, FAITHFULNESS, LOYALTY and LOVE to remain faithful to Jesus and the Church?

Mr. Lawrence Johnson of Bozeman, Montana added this point to my comments on Saint Joan's holiness which I feel is very appropriate. He states:

"The story of Joan of Arc provides a powerful, historically verifiable example of how a person (in this case a woman) can hear and respond to God's command, and in so doing, change history. I believe that God speaks to each of us if we will only listen, and that we are all called to play a part in establishing God's Kingdom here on earth. Joan of Arc's experience was a spiritual "mountain top" that few are blessed with during the course of history. Yet we can all learn and find courage and a fresh resolve in her example."

Thank you Mr. Johnson for that insight.

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