Misconceptions Series:
Joan and Henry VI

In 2002, one of the many subjects which came up for grave discussion in the IJAS forum was the question of whether Joan would have fallen into a romantic entanglement with King Henry VI of England. I'm given to understand that many of the forum members decided that she would have.
At the time of Joan's trial in early 1431, Henry VI was a little boy barely over nine (9) years old, having been born on December 6, 1421. He had ascended the throne upon the untimely death of his father in 1422, at which point the new monarch was still an infant. Needless to say, he was "king" in name only throughout the entire period of his childhood: his uncles, the Dukes of Bedford and Gloucester, ruled in his name.
The theorists in the IJAS forum were evidently laboring under the assumption that as a "king" Henry would be an adult - although hereditary monarchy obviously does not provide any assurance of that - coupled with the assumption that Joan would have been so smitten by Henry's "boyish good looks" (forgive the pun) that she would forget his status as the enemy king.

There are reasons why people such as Dr. Nadia Margolis, Virginia Frohlick, and even Dr. Jane Marie Pinzino have left the IJAS forum.