Part VII - My Changing Face

a 1451 miniature of Joan In 1451 I was compared to the Old Testament heroine Judith.

a sculptured head of Saint Maurice Many believe this is my face sculptured after my death by someone who saw me during my time in Orleans. The statue is called the head of Saint Maurice. (Picture is used with permission of the Museum of Fine Arts, Orleans France)

a 1450 miniature of Joan This is found in the book of poems written by the Duke of Orleans which was printed in 1450.

a late 15th century miniature of Joan This illumination was done some time during the end of the 15th century. Note how it is similar to the illumination that was done in 1450.

a 1576 painting of Joan Done in 1576, the artist could not accept my wearing men's clothing so he painted me in a very lady-like dress.

a 1612 illustration of Joan This 1612 illustration comes from Leon Gaultier's history of the Siege of Orleans.

painting of Joan by D. Ingres The French artist D. Ingres created this painting in 1854.

painting of Joan by G W Joy "The Slumber of Joan" was painted by G.W.Joy.

Drawing of Joan by P. Dubois This drawing was created by P. Dubois in 1872.

a late 19th century kite I was flying high when this 19th century kite soared in the sky.

a statue in Winchester cathedral This statue is in the Anglican cathedral at Winchester England. Now, even the English love me. :)

photograph of the 1984 Orleans Joan Every year a girl from the city of Orleans, France is picked to portray me during their festival that honors me. The girl on the right is 'Joan' from the 1984 festival. The girl on the left is my friend and biographer, Virginia.

photograph of a statue in the cathedral at Beauvais A 20th century Bishop of Beauvais commissioned this statue. It depicts his asking my pardon for the wrongs done to me by his predecessor, Bishop Cauchon.

photograph of a New Mexico license plate with St Joan stamped on it. My friend, Virginia, is so devoted to me that she had her New Mexico license plate display my name.

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