ARTIST: Chris Snidow

DESCRIPTION: This is Chris Snidow's third critically acclaimed CD release. All instrumental, a mixture of many styles, including: electronic/ambient/space/new age/contemporary instrumental/ and classical. Each piece is begun with some brief words of Joan of Arc. The 14-panel CD booklet contains a wealth of information, including English translations of Joan's words.

WHY JOAN OF ARC? This CD is dedicated to the most attested figure in history up to the 15th century. She is the youngest (17 years old) Supreme Commander of the military forces (male OR female) throughout all of recorded history. The same church that burned her at the stake made her a Saint 500 years later. Centering her life around prayer, her kindness and affinity for the poor and unwanted, a sham trial, an unjust death, asking for the forgiveness of her persecutors even as she was being led to the stake, her always unerring and specific prophecies---all these (along with a number of others) are striking similarities to the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

ARTIST BIO: Chris Snidow spent the late 1960's-1985 playing drums, guitar, and some keyboards with several different bands. In Texas these include THE DANCING BEAR, THE MENERALS, BEAUMONT AND GOULD, and EAKIN' FROUT. In California WHEAT and THE VISIONS. He spent 5 years in Europe, including one year playing drums with PRIDE OF TEXAS in Holland, and one year playing lead guitar with TYRONE SCOTT AND TRUTH in Paris, France and northern Africa. Among the styles he played were rock, country, jazz, blues, and various combinations of them all. He played with several different bands as warm-up bands for big names such as IKE AND TINA TURNER, SONNY AND CHER, THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION, CHUCK BERRY, and the NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND. In 1985 he began experimenting more with electronic keyboards, which led to his first solo release NEW DAWN. This was followed in 1988 by LEPRECHAUN HILL. In 1992 he released CROSSING OVER. Then in 1995 his first CD was released, entitled FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. Followed in 1999 by NUMBER OUR DAYS. Now, in 2004, comes 'DAUGHTER OF GOD'-JOAN OF ARC!

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CONTACT: E-mail: Tel: 214-327-4579