Consecration Prayer to Saint Joan of Arc for the Special Occasion of the Dedication of the "Most Holy Trinity" Roman Catholic Mission (under her Banner and Spiritual Protection)

Lawrence, Massachusetts

May 30th, 2001, A.D.

O Most glorious and beloved St. Joan of Arc, - on this thy feast day - we humbly come before thee, on our knees, in the presence of Our Divine Eucharistic Lord and King and of His most holy mother - the ever Virgin Mary - Mother of God and Queen of Heaven and earth to freely and lovingly dedicate ourselves to thee as our "Special Patroness" now in heaven and as our "Protectoress" here on earth. We likewise in a most significant manner consecrate to thy special protection our little mission named after The Triune God which was established solely and completely to give adoration, honor, and worship to the Three Most Sacred Persons of the Holy Trinity, and to aid in the assistance of the sanctification and salvation of souls!


O dearest Saint, whom we have truly come to admire, love and respect; please help each and everyone of us from this day forth to grow daily in grace and in the practice of genuine Christian virtue. In imitation of thee, pray and intercede for us therefore that we may live a pure and chaste life, while living in this world, and grow more deeply in the Faith as well as increase the knowledge of it so as to never lose the sincere appreciation of "this pearl of great price." Pray for us too that our hope for the attainment of heaven - our true home - as well as the desire for the pursuit of personal holiness - which is the key to it - may never wane during our pilgrimage in this valley of tears. Assist us, then, dear Saint in sincerely pursuing these two spiritual goals with the same determination and perseverance, as thou dids't exhibit while on earth, despite all the odds that may yet come against us. Furthermore, by your holy generosity, please St. Joan pray of us that like thee, O Virgin Maiden; we may advance daily in true Fraternal Charity first towards God - ever willing to be never out-done in our acts of piety and adoration of Our Blessed Lord in the practice of our Holy Religion. Help us too to show this Christ-like Charity to our dear brothers and sisters in the Faith when we see them in need and even towards those who would make themselves our enemies. Like thee, O beloved patron, may we never show them any bitterness and hatred but rather pity them in their weakness and above all pray for their conversion and sanctification of their hearts, and minds and ultimately the salvation of their souls.


O Valiant Spiritual Warrior of God, ever brave and virile of heart; we - poor sinners of Christ's Militant Church on earth, - beg of thee today at this un-easy time in the history of the Church to watch over us in our constant daily struggle against satan and the powers of darkness who seek none other than to destroy the Faith in so many souls and to rob them of the inestimable gift of Sanctifying Grace which is the seed of Eternal Glory. Protect us, then, O glorious saint from all evil influences of this materialistic world in which we live. Shield us too from the on-slaught of the present day errors and heresies of Modernism, Liberalism and Secular Humanism as well as all other atheistic beliefs, which have unfortunately become the primary causes of so many souls being led into the general apostasy predicted for our time. Moreover in addition to these prayerful requests which we ask in trustful confidence of thy intercessory power, - help to 'lift the veil of confusion' from the minds and hearts of those unfortunate souls who are presently and imprudently believing and adhering to false doctrines, erroneous opinions, questionable apparitions and even deceitful messages from modern day would -be false prophets. In these times of brazen impiety, pray for us to obtain the grace of moral courage to un-hesitatingly be ever ready to draw the 'Spiritual Sward of Truth' and to strike at all forms of deceit in order that evil may eventually be overcome by good.


O blessed St. Joan, - true apostle of the Kingship of Christ - may we, like thee, be totally dedicated to spreading courageously the doctrine of the Social Kingship of Christ, Our Saviour, and all that it implies and may we likewise cultivate and spread devotion to Our Blessed Mother - the Queen of Heaven, - for just as you had the names of "Jhesus & Marie" inscribed upon your military banner, when leading your country-men into battle to fight for their homeland, - so may their sacred names be forever and indelibly impressed in our hearts and minds and upon our lips.


Finally, O "Daughter of God," whom we honor this day by the celebration of Holy Mass and by the collective consecration of ourselves to thy protection; obtain for each and everyone of us gathered before thy statue - the grace to be willing to give our very lives for the Faith, - yes, even martyrdom itself, so that just as thou, at the end of your mortal life was willing to be consumed in the fires at the stake lit by those who took away your precious life, - grant that whatever suffering we may be called upon to endure, in the future; we too may one day be consumed in the Fire of God's Everlasting Love and in doing so, eventually enjoy HIS Beatific Presence in Heaven with thee, see thee face to face, and praise HIM, HIS holy mother in company with all the choirs of angels and saints! AMEN! Ave Jhesus & Maria!!!


Father Peter R. Lemay composed this prayer, on May 29th, 2001 through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and with the assistance of Fr. Lemay's guardian angel and St. Joan.

Virginia Frohlick-Saint Joan of Arc Center